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Yoga Classes Coming Soon!

Now that I have actually moved into the new space and have had a few days to settle in, I am planning the yoga schedule. Right now, I’m thinking Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30. Days and times will change according to your preference and level of interest.

Never tried yoga before? Awesome, I would be honored to be the one to walk you through your first practice! Intimidated, scared, not sure what to expect? Totally fine! Guess what, everyone feels that way. Seriously, every woman that I have talked to about trying yoga has the exact same concerns. That’s why I am determined to change minds and help you feel comfortable. I promise, there will be no trying to get you to bend into a pretzel. And NO JUDGEMENT. We will laugh at ourselves. We will support each other.

Come join me and other ladies as we discover what yoga can do for our bodies. Every class will end in Savasana with guided meditation. This final pose is restful and rejuvenating. You will walk out feeling calmer and stronger.

Have questions, concerns, fears, worries? Let me know! Call/text/message me, give me to opportunity to help you!




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