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I get to > I have to

One recent Monday morning, I caught the most beautiful sunrise. It was 7:20 am. The kids had just gotten on the bus and I was out in the backyard feeding the chickens and dogs. The sun had just begun to peek above the mountains in the distance, there was a mist in the air and birds were singing their morning songs. I paused for a few seconds and thought “I get to see this”.

How many times a day do we say “I have to…” I have to get up early, I have to go grocery shopping, I have to go take a shower, I have to work tomorrow, I have to pick up the kids, I have to clean my house, I have to make dinner. I’m afraid to count how much I utter those words. What if we switched things around, changing obligation to gratitude? “I have to” becomes “I get to”.

Author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests taking 5 minutes a day to express gratitude. Everyone has 5 minutes, don’t we? Especially if those 5 minutes can change your perspective, help you feel more positive and ease feelings of anxiousness. He says that just 5 minutes a day of appreciation and gratitude can help you focus your life.

He also offers amazing perspective on where we are – “If you have clothes on your back and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world, if you have money in the bank, or just a dish of spare change at home, you are among the top 8% wealthiest people in the world”

Wow! That puts some things in perspective for me. I get to go grocery shopping to fill my fridge to feed my family. I get to get up early and witness beautiful sunrises. I get to shower with clean, warm water. I get to go to work!

Living a life of “I get to” over “I have to” is choosing gratitude. It may sound silly or even too easy to make a difference, but what’s the harm in trying? I challenge myself to live more thankfully. Will you join me?


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